Tuesday 31 March, 2015

IPL Cash Cow Update: 2 New IPL Teams

IPL Cash Cow

IPL Finds More Cash & Cows To Milk...mooooo

The suspense Lalit Modi tried to create over the two new IPL teams/cows is finally over! *applause*

The two parties with deep pockets are – Sahara Adventure Sports (Pune) and Rendezvous Sports Ltd ( Kochi ), who are set to join the milking event from the 2011 season. We can safely say we look forward to something more than the elections now :D

The highest bid was that of Sahara Adventure Sports Ltd for Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Pune to the tune of $370 million. Yes, we gasped too. They chose Pune, which received three bids, and thus was born another franchise we hope to see item numbers for. The second highest was Rendezvous Sports Ltd who bid $333.33 million for Kochi. While media is abuzz with questions on the choice, we at IPL Tracker feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Cricket down-south is big and we would certainly like to see some movement from local leagues there to cash in on this opportunity.

The process, which was to be completed on March 7, was postponed by two weeks after the bidders and the BCCI indulged themselves with¬†quarrellings¬†about money and cheerleaders. We weren’t surprised one bit though. At IPL Tracker we know a lot. We mean a LOT. And given Modi’s ambition to perform as a cheerleader, we weren’t surprised.

Earlier, parties with a net worth of at least $1 billion were allowed to be part of the process. That coupled with a bank guarantee of $100 million, made people involved salivate at the promise of seeing green.

The successful bidders will be given 48 hours to pay 10 per cent of their bid price, which in our terms, is a helluva lot. Now, if only they would consider throwing some our way, we would love them for doing so, but of course continue to target them like the attention-hungry wannabes we are. Actually quite similar to Shilpa Shetty.

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