Saturday 28 March, 2015

IPL Awards: One For Everything & Anything

Shane Warne: "Oh My God, Oh My God!!! We Just Won The Ugliest Trophy Ever!"

Most sports tournaments have three prizes. The winner, the runner-up & the best man. Here in the colourful & lively country of India we have the knack of making everything excessive. Enter our IPL awards. Here it shoots to triple that figure. Before telling you about each let me share some personal feelings. First the design of the champions trophy is real bad. Do you remember the crystal World Cup that the hunky Imran Khan lifted?

Even the award ceremony is highly decorated. There is a sedated ‘crowd’ on the podium. In India when the poor come on camera they frantically wave their hands & dance. The rich for their air-time buy themselves a stand at the award ceremony. That is why you see chairman of ABC company, director of XYZ foundation, chief minister of MNO state, owner of KLM team, boss of PQR stadium, Ravi Shastri, Harshe Bhogle…… the list goes on. Most of them just standing there with coats on & arms locked. The other day I saw chief minister of the industrial state of Gujrat handing out the Man of the Match medal. After which he went to the SIT committee there he was apparently grilled for 9 hours, only to return to the very next match to give out the Man of the Match award. I am still wondering how he managed this feat. Evidently the dais is not for the players alone. Observe the prize giving at England. There are never more than three people on the dais, including Ravi Shastri.

This Is Not Worth Fighting For. Not Even In The Grey Market!

League winners: Awarded to the team that wins the tournament. IPL 1 was won by underdogs Rajasthan Royals & IPL 2 winners were the paper tigers – the Deccan Chargers. Both the teams captains were Australians, ( I am thinking Ricky Pointing must have felt proud). Also they get to wear Champions 2008/2009 tag on their jersey for the next season.

League Runners-up: the team that lost the finals. Chennai Super Kings 2008 & Royal Challengers Bangalore 2009.

DLF Golden Player of the League: (Man of the Series), awarded to the best overall player of the tournament. Shane Watson of Rajasthan Royals & Matthew Hayden of Chennai Super Kings for 2008 & 2009 respectively.

Fly Kingfisher Fair Play Awarded: awarded to the team that play fairest over the course of the league. Based on the players conduct on field, any penalties incur minus points and any Sreesanth like behaviour is not tolerated. Chennai Super Kings & Punjab Kings XI have won it in the two IPL

Orange Cap: won by the highest cumulative run scorer of the league. This cap transfers from player to player as and when they break the previous record. It is worn throughout the tournament by someone. It final guy get to take it home. Won by Shaun Marsh & Mathew Hayden.

Purple Cap: won by the highest cumulative wicket taker of the league. This cap transfers from player to player as and when they break the previous record. It is worn throughout the tournament by someone. Won by Sohail Tanvir & R.P. Singh.

Citi Under 23 Success of the League: awarded to the player who performs outstandingly & in under 23 years of age during the tournament. Season 1 it was Sreevats Goswami & season 2 it was Rohit Sharma.

DLF Maximum Sixes: Awarded at every game to the one who hits the maximum no. of sixes in the match.

Karbonn Kamal Catch: awarded to the one who takes a significant catch in the match, subject to match referee’s decision.

Man of the Match: based on the match referee’s judgement of a players contribution in the team.

Notice: All awards except the Caps have strong sponsorship statement.



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